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welcome to the cat and dog website

cat and dog

cat and dog books are funny and easy to read. learn only 200 words and start reading the books.


cat and dog words

if you want to read all cat and dog books, you have to start with the book 'cat and dog words'. this book contains 150 easy ABC-words (for example: apple, ax, ape, ant, arm, art) + 45 verbs + 9 prepositions + 12 colours + 9 shapes.


cat and dog books

if you have finished 'cat and dog words', you can start reading all other 11 cat and dog books. the first books are written with only the words that you learned in 'cat and dog words'. from book 6 on new words are introduced, but you can easily make up the meaning of it from the context and illustrations.


cat and dog extras

there are some very useful cat and dog extras, that you can use in a classroom or at home.


cat and dog copyright

all cat and dog books are protected by copyright. but you are allowed to print and use them as much as you want, as long as it is for non-commercial use.



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