the birth of cat and dog in wulanyilli

cat and dog started in a small village in ghana in the year 2006. we went as volunteers to wulanyilli to help at the primary school of this rural village. when we arrived we were surprised that the teachers were on strike (and most of them striked for three months) and there were only 5 books for all children at school. and these books were absolutely unusable because the level was way to high for our pupils. thats why we started on the first day to make our own material, with the help of the old laptop and portable printer that were in our luggage. we tought the pupils the abc, by learning them day by day 6 words with every letter of the alphabet. after 26 days we added some useful verbs, prepositions, colours and shapes.


after 12 intensive weeks most children had a very basic level of understanding english and reading in general. the only problem was that there were no books to read. thats why we decided to make our own books and that's how the cat and dog series started.

cat and dog around the world

after returning from our stay in ghana, we contacted the biblionef foundation in the netherlands. they printed and distributed the first collection of 6 cat and dog books. in 2014 another 5 books were added to this collection and the first books were redesigned and reprinted in an edition of 5000 books. the estimation is that 1 book is read by 10 children, so 50.000 children of all over the world learn to read with cat and dog.


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cat and dog worldmap

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